Graphic Card Problem


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ahhhhh just finished formating my HD's... and now i realized that my NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 is not enough for the game??? comón... are these EA guys stupid or what??

It runs all the new games, like GTR-Evolution, rFactor, Race07, etc etc.... why not the damn Fifa09...??? i'll put the game again in the shop and get my money back!!

really disappointed..


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I have also a problem with my graphics card i have a ati radeon x850 card, this morning i start my computer and suddenly i have a black screen and there is a problem with my sata driver or something like that, Anyway did't give to much attention to that, I start fifa I play my first match no problem, I wanna start my second match and the game crashes and I think I get a message that there is something with VPU recover. Anyway i reboot my computer and I wanna start fifa again but if I am in the main screen i get a blury screen the graphics are weird. and if I start the game i get all horizontal line in diverend colors all over the screen. and i get this with all my games, so probably there is something wrong with my video-card.
I hope I explained my self well because I am not really good in english:blush:

thx in advance


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it was not an emulator i was trying to say LOL

The question is if anyone was suceeded with the 3D analyser program? It makes an aplication "think" that you might be using a different Gfx card..


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Re: Graphic Card Problem

Hi prekazi81 ,

I think there is a memory problem. Though I know that you have 2gb RAM but still you have to checked the BIOS setting also for this. In many motherboards, there is a option for setting the video memory by which you can set your video memory.
So please check your BIOS configuration and make the changes if you will find this option. Use this trick to solve your problem. Hope, you will try it for better performance for gaming.



if your video card cant run the game the game will simply not launch, but crash to a black screen & back to the desktop.