GSP FIFA 12 Greece Super League patch


Starting XI
With great pleasure we represent our first patch for FIFA 12!!!
Here are the info and the installation guide.

WARNING - GSP FIFA 12 - Greek Superleague BETA 1.0 patch contains a new db, which means that you won't be able to use your current career/save games. Follow carefully the installation guide.

Complete FIFA 12 installation

Patch Contents
- Greece Superleague, includes all 16 teams with realistic kits (more than 3 per team).
- Greek Superleague career & manager mode playable.
- Greek adboards
- Real competitions, leagues and teams names and logos
- GK kits for almost all English teams
- Original kits for Serie b and Polish Ekstraklasa
- Play off and weather conditions
- All Greek teams have completed player minifaces sets.
- Realistic flags and banners
- Real and up to date Greek managers in career mode.
- Enabled realistic loaning player system!
- Proper names for greek stadiums.
- Greek referees.
- Correct names for Europa Cup and Champions League
- Official Greece Superleague ball
- NOVA Sports scoreboard (optional)
- New Puma kit fonts for GSL teams
- New gloves and boots
- Belgian league has been overwritten hence not playable. Top Belgian teams however are available in the UEFA & Champions League competitions.

Installation Guide
- Before you start installing the patch you need a clear FIFA 12 game (with no other patches applied). IMPORTANT NOTE - Before you proceed to the next step for any of you that play Online, copy the GAME folder in the folder taht you installed FIFA 12 (p.e. C:\Program Files...\EA Sports\FIFA 12). You should also rename the FIFA 12 folder located in your Documents.
- Run the exe file as administrator (for Vista/7 users).
- If the installation directory is asked by the installer, click and browse to find it (as pictured below).

- During the installation the i86 FIFA 12 Regenerator application will popup. You'll just have to click GO! when you see the wndow shown below.

WARNING-If you don't see on the upper part of the i86 FIFA 12 Regenerator the proper installation directory, then right-click on the regenerator and then select your installation folder.
- It would be a good tip in this part to rename the FIFA 12 folder located in the Documents to something else than FIFA 12 (p.e. FIFA 12.old). The database has changed, so whatever saved games or rather formations changes may cause problems. You'd better start with a new Profile.
- Start the game and...HAVE FUN!

We have included the Novasports HD Scoreboard, but it's disabled. To enable it:
- Open your C: ... /FIFA 12/Game/data/ui/game/overlays folder
- There, you see two files:
overlay_2002.big (original EA Scoreboard)
overlay_2002_nova.big (Nova Scoreboard)
- Rename overlay_2002.big to overlay_2002.big.ea and then rename the overlay_2002_nova.big to overlay_2002.big

Online Gaming
Because of the major database change, you won't be able to play online with other people, unless they have our patch installed, too. If you've followed the steps above, you will now have two GAME folders in your main FIFA 12 installation directory. The one has the patch files and the other the EA original ones. To play online, you just have to rename the GAME folder to GAME.GSP and the other copy just GAME. When you want to play our patch again, you have to redo the previous folder renaming.


Starting XI
It´s a shame that we can´t add completely new leagues like in the past fifa games, but it´s also great to have such a patch, thanks a lot to all the staff of GSP. (Y)


Youth Team
Wow... finally something happen to my GSP team...He he..
right now I will download and see what you succeded guys...

@pao sorry bro..for my "quiet". Have many stuff to do @ work.. talk later mate.

PS: Ouch.. the download link doesn't work...


Youth Team
davidmende;3155695 said:
It´s a shame that we can´t add completely new leagues like in the past fifa games, but it´s also great to have such a patch, thanks a lot to all the staff of GSP. (Y)

Why can't we ? Isn't any option to add separate leagues ?


Starting XI
No, cause you have to replace one existed FIFA league. Not a complete replacement-deletion of the EA made one, just career mode replacion.