Guess who


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The in-game date might be the reason you couldn't find him at first :p


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Originally posted by Zlatan
Yeah they either use FM scout or have a huge brain. :crazyboy:

Thought the same thing. We should rename the thread to "Guess who... can type the stats in FM scout the fastest"


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If you are afraid of everyone using FMScout, post a pic of an advanced game, like Ruud did posting a pic of 2006.

Easy to avoid, and not all the players evolves on the same way after some time, it depends on the training schedules and that ****


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Originally posted by mixafendis
i cant find anyone... You guys know FM good too much (or yer usin some proggy to search for the player) *caugh* (H)

I just put in some of his extraordinary stats in the player search, like in the one I guessed correctly strength, determination and off the ball