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CAN YOU MAKE fc kaiserslautern kits 13/14




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Love your kits, Hagi, but I believe you need to fix Chelsea Samsung positioning and the sleeve cuffs, don't you think?



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Thanks for the comments!

@Cris-9: If you have any good pics of the shirts, shorts and socks, I could make them.

@ronn: Be a bit more specific. No idea what you exactly mean.

Update time:

FC Chelsea 2013-14 home

The collar and sleeve cuffs are repainted and should look better now.
Actually there should be 4 stripes on the front pattern. But 4 of them would look too big. Therefore I used only 3.

RX3 files

FC Bayern München 2013-14 away

FC Bayern München 2013-14 alternate kit

RX3 files