Has anyone already tried this mod?


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Has anyone already tried this mod?
i want to know to buy fifa 2020 is it worth it?


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If you only would buy Fifa because of the mod, i don't know. If you want to buy Fifa anyways, it's for sure a very good addition to the game.

i know they did a very very good job on that mod and it's still in development, so changes are possible.


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This mod is interesting...but very small and limited..i have it... but why to buy a game just for a MOD???? well no! try FIFA INFINITY or more complete mods to justify your buy!!



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If they do the same the similar mod for FIFA 16 did and you enjoy women football/soccer it may be worth every cent. So far is a bit limited, but they are still working on it, once they add more national teams, more leagues, career mode is playable as a coach and as a player, it may be awesome.