Hated players at your club


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theedor said:
I'm sorry to ask that noob question but who is the asian maradona??

this guy named Ali Karimi, check out BAYERNS team form and u'll have clips of him. Bayern signed him 4 days ago

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...not all the time though, and with the NT. Well, he's not very disciplined is he? :(!


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houston3721 said:
I dont think we should hate our players. They play or have played for us and thats it...no matter how badly they play.

and Rio is one of my favourite players now, he plays well and United perform better when we have him on the pitch. But he just have to sign the contract asap...
I never said i hate any of our players, i said "Some man utd fans". Even when Wes Brown was getting slatered by almost every Man Utd fan on here i protected him. As for Paul Ince it isn't a matter of how badly he played....


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I think the most of the guys that are posting here, don't understand the Thread...: "Hated players at your club"

But I don't hate anyone of my Team.
Every Player that plays for Porto have my respect! :jambo: