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Meh the trick, atleast what I do when I wrote a story, is to play the game and write story's about the games you've played once you've quitted the game. Through that way you could proceed pretty quick.


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I always found that if I did it that way I would skimp on the details even more than if I was playing and writing at the same time AND was bored. Like I would just post scores, which I definitely didn't want to get into. Plus you don't get the feeling as a reader to be with the writer at the time of writing. And in addition, you frequently forget stuff.


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wow, i just reread this whole thread, legendary stuff

sorry to be stealing your idea but i think i will do something like this for FM07



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I'm thinking about doing something like this again, but I don't really know which club to take down. I actually started a Man U one and it starts off much better than this one, but must have been too busy to continue it. Is there another club that everyone hates (besides Bayern)? I guess the easy answer is Barcelona. Anyway, here is the abridged version of this story, I think every single one of these comments is funny:

And so that's how I got the job, pledging unconditional loyalty to Perez. What a moron, this is my club now and I guarantee we'll be going down this year.

We will train on the Pre-season setting all year, and train on match days. We will be practicing every single day of the year, no doubt we will be running circles around the opponents in the 80th minutes of games.

We have some tour of Belgium for the pre-season, but **** if I'm going to that.

I'm also considering bringing in Romario to put up front with Ronaldo. No one beat that combo at France '98, who could beat it now? Well, the only person who could be it was Zidane, but we have him!

Being that Djalminha will be so vital to our club this season, we offered him 200k/week with a 2.7M sign on fee. Oh, and he also gets 42k for every appearance he makes (which will be twice a week). He accepts.

Raul goes to Bayern for 5M...... over 24 months

The Reds insist that Diouf will stay with them. Well, I have about 30M left in the transfer kitty, so we'll see about that.

I also reward the loyalty of Pelu, the lone player on the Real Madrid C team. His loyalty was rewarded with a new 190k/week, 450k sign on fee contract.

Djalminha gets a strained groin and is out for a week. He is fined a weeks wages. Why should I pay him if he isn't even training?

"We're only as good as our worst player, and that is without a doubt, Zinedine Zidane."

Romario breaks his hip and is out for a month.

"Ronaldo needs to realize that getting sent off hurts the team.

"I can only do so much with what I'm given; if the board made more money available for transfer funds, we would probably be doing a lot better."

Hierro tears his groin and is out 2 months. No surgery.

The club directors are still sure they made the right decision in hiring me.

Djalminha showed great heart and I believe he was sticking up for a teamate when he pushed that guy over. That's the kind of teamwork we like in Madrid."

Madrid still has 172M for me to lose. Don't worry, that shouldn't take long.

October 15th
We still haven't scored a goal in La Liga

Basically it's looking bleak, we might have to win a game or two to get the board off our backs.

Robbie Carlos got sent off because he kicked the ball right at Koller whenn the ball was out for a throw.

Oh, and some sad news as Djalminha tore up his groin and will be in rehab for the next 6 months. Unfortunately I don't think he can be as big of a clubhouse cancer while he's injured

"Romario is the best thing that's happened to us, and I've already asked him to reconsider his decision to retire at the end of the season."

Also I think I've figured out how to keep my job a little longer. Lose every game EXCEPT, against Athletico, Valencia, Barcelona, and Deportivo.

Some good news today, it's November 1st and Zidane is already in need of rest according to my physio after the last match. Soon everyone will be. Oh, did I forget to mention that I don't believe in making substitutions? I haven't made one all year.

We went across town and beat Athletico Madrid 2-1 thanks to a brace from..... MARK BOSNICH!?!?! He hit two penalties. The board are happy with the win. What a bunch of idiots. That could have bought me something like 6 losses.

I realized that we didn't have enough money available for transfers left to buy Diouf, so I had to sell Cambiasso for a cool 5M.

Abel Xavier complains about not being in the first team. Good point Abel.... Salgado gets sent down to the B team to make room.

"I'm convinced the blame should lay with the coaches who determined their positions when they were youths; from now on we will experiment with positions and see where everyone really is at their best. I have a feeling Ronaldo just isn't a striker, he seems more like a left wingback to me."

The injuries are really starting to pile up too, good thing we're doing intensive conditioning all season or else they'd really be dropping like flies.

December 14
We are last place right now, into the relegation zone by 4 points, and the board are not only satisfied with my performance, but they are delighted at the financial situation of the club!

Abel Xavier says he is pleased with me complimenting him. At least some guys think I'm doing a good job. Xavier, Bosnich, and the Board.

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! Portillo celebrates by signing a 4 year 48M contract. Down to 76M in the bank.

We draw 0-0 to Osasuna at the Bernabeu (just realized I've been spelling it wrong the whole time. Oh well). The one thing I hate are teams that are so bad they can't even beat us with Figo at center back.

Sebas was a commanding presence throughout some B Team game. He is offered a new contract for his service.

The fans have told me to drop the out of form players (everyone) in favor of younger players who haven't been given a chance. Fair enough, we'll begin a standard 3-2-5 next week without any of the star players.

"Today the selfish play of our players was saved by a brilliant goal from Abel Xavier. He scored off a corner taken by Bosnich, so everyone should stop questioning having the Keeper take Goal kicks because Bosnich is the best at doing it."

Everyone except Xavier, Bosnich, and Miha are removed from their national team squads for the upcomming friendlies. They don't play well for me, they can't play for the national team.

We draw Celta 0-0 at the Bernabeu. Man I love playing boring anti-Madrid style games at the Bernabeu. The fans aren't happy, but almost 65,000 still game to the game!! They need to stop comming to games and stop buying merchendise!

February 22nd

The Tenerife Manager was given an ultimatum, win or be fired. Apparantly the Tenerife standards are much higher than here at Real Madrid.

March 14th

Athletic Bilbao sack their manager!!! I'm not the first to go in Spain! Wow, that's insane.

April 14th

I was sacked by the Real Madrid board of directors. Don't worry I have a great plan guys.....

[I took over as a fake German guy wearing dreadlocks]

The air smelled of defeat. The players knew they were 1 game away from relegation, and instead of pump them up, they looked like the game was already lost. I, of course, helped that along with my pre-game speech.

Djalmina got the game off to a great start, because as we were already down 2-0 early in Villareal, Djalminha did was he was brought here to do....go crazy and have a detrimental effect on the team.


From here on out, Hans Krauter will try win every game to help is standing with the board.

We won 5-1 thanks to a Zidane hattrick. He's loving playing here in La Liga with actual good tactics, I bet he'll LOVE playing in the Second Division with **** tactics

Zidane gets Madrid's last goal in top flight competition ever. Good for him.

And with no games left on the schedule until next season, with orders for no one to touch the squad, and with Madrid at a current bank balance of 11 Million Euros, Hans Krauter went on vacation until August 1st of next year.... the team will not stop training. By the Time I get back the team will be in debt .

1 Relegation down, 5 to go.

I lost almost 225 Million Euros in 10 months


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Part of the fun is ruining the club legends along the way. I'm not sure Man U have that many club legends still kicking around. Although I guess it could be cool to take them down in Giggs and Scholes' final season.

I didn't remember you took down Chelsea! I must not have been hanging around at that point or something. I'll have to make a list of crazies to sign. Mutu is one anyway. I wonder if fat Ronaldo is still a player. Heskey (H)

I was kind of excited to do Barca though. I even had a title. "Menys que un club" (Less than a club) :(

EDIT: This might be the best post in SG History

yoyo913;2236063 said:
my new squad this season, all signed on frees

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