[HELP] Uncap 30 FPS During Cutscene


Youth Team
Guys I tried to use Catalyst Control Menager, or Radeon Pro but it doesn't work.
Even with the nvidia 840m on the laptop.
I'm on windows 10 x64, maybe that's the problem?


Reserve Team
What are your system specs? If you have an nvidia GPU like me, I just choose unlimited framerates in Fifa settings, then I use a free program called nvidia inspector, choose the FIFA 16 profile, go to v-sync and choose "always on" press apply and exit.

You will now have no 30fps cap in intro scenes and replays.


Youth Team
@regularcat I have a pc with an AMD 7950 OC, and a laptop with an 840m.

@DrDooMuk Thank you a lot, it works on my laptop !!


Youth Team
in the catalyst control center there is Frame Rate Target Control
set it to your screen refresh rate and disable vsync in the setting of the game
play at full screen mode and you will get smooth play and no 30 fps cap in the cut scene
i used radeon pro .. i did not work this is the only tip that worked with me
you must have win 10 in think to get the Frame Rate Target Control in the CCC