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    hi everybody,
    I'm modding Fifa Manager 13

    can someone please give me an advice about how correctly edit and rebuild zdata.big files? which are the programs to use etc.

    to be more specific: I want to add the kits and the jersey number font of my club.
    I konw how to edit fifa.db, I know how to properly create fsh files.
    I even managed to make almost everything work, putting fsh of kits and jerseynumber in the root directory
    BUT, with this method I can't make the third kit to show up in pre-match kit selection panel

    I think that my only option to make Home, Away, Third, Goalkeeper AND custom jerseynumber work in 3D match AND merchandise is to insert them in a zdata.

    I tried to do that with biggui and fifax_bigeditor but when I test it using the FM editor it gives me the arsenal home kit...

    Any help would be very very appreciate

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