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When I play on FM.. after every game EVERY score from the Premiership to the Conference North/South is stated very slowly along the screen. Is there a way to turn this off and just view the results manually? Because it takes about 10 minutes to go through them all


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no, the game creats those results, they're so slow because you probably dont have a very good pc, 10 mins is very slow


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have u got large datebase on and all the leagues in England then it may go slow i suggest picking a smaller datebase or less leagues.


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Turn off 'Extra Detail' and only the scores for cup matches, international games, and the league you actually compete in will be calculated like that.

Alternatively, you can set the 'Processing Fixtures' to a faster level in the game preferences, but I reckon it'll still take a while to do all of them.

(database size does nothing to speed this up)


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Yep Spyware had my game run slow too. After I got rid of them the game run like smoothe on my pentium II from the stone age.