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I`m almost speechless, but take care of yourself, head up and you will overcome these moments, the best therapy is to continue our life as before, even if this seems almost unfeasible in difficult times like these!!!


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When you go out, you must wear a mask, wash your hands frequently when you go home, and try not to go to places with many people. I wish you a speedy recovery
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Hello. This message is being very difficult to write, but it is necessary. As I said here, unfortunately I had the damn covid-19. And these days a person from my house contracted the virus and unfortunately did not resist. As I was the first in the house to contract the virus, everything indicates that I infected other people. It affected me in a way that I have no words to explain. In addition to the pain of losing a close relative, I still had the pain of feeling kind of guilty. But with the help of relatives, friends and a psychologist I now have as a friend too. I am recovering emotionally. One of the things that according to the psychologist can help me is simply to live life normally and do things that I like to distract myself. So I decided to go back to making faces as a mode of therapy and occupation for my mind. It is not being easy, but I will move on. i apologize to people who had orders in progress and say q don't worry that things will go back to normal. May god bless you all, take care and get attached to the family that is the most sacred thing that we have. Thank you for your understanding especially for AhmadShatrah who is a great partner for a long time.
Don't worry much, the sun usually goes down but ultimately rise again.

HM Facemaker

I want to thank everyone for their support, this is very comforting. Here is my new creation. I know there is already a version, but I just hired this player for my team in career mode and I didn't like it very much. So here's my version.

Dominik Szoboszlaii
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