Home stadium in season mode problem


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Hi, I have a problem. When I start season, for example for Real Madrid, my home stadium looks like a training field, not like a big beautiful stadium. Is there any way to fix this problem? For example switch stadium to another. Thank you for answers and possible solutions.


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That sounds strange. Are you using any patches? And are you sure you're entering your first friendly or league match? Maybe you are only entering a training session.

It may be possible that the stadium ID Real Madrid used was replaced by another stadium but that would mean that you installed something. Or maybe you made some changes yourself and made this error (like using the wrong ID). If you want to switch stadium use Stadium Swapper. You set the home team there in this case REal Madrid and it will show you the stadium ID. Then you can choose the stadium to replace and it will insert that stadium for that ID. Works very well for me, especially during career mode that's a charme. :) (so you can keep using different similar stadiums or even correct custom made one for all the teams you play against)