How do you edit data???

Scunny r gr8

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On Fifa 2005 I want to edit the data of squads of teams. I want to add the palyers of the club playing there now, but I can't create them on the game as there would be more than 30 players in the squad, and you can't sell players from your team before creating them.



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Well Creation Center allows you to transfer players from one team to another of course. This gives you the current squads. If you intend to create players that do not exist in the game, then CC allows you to do this too. To empty a squad of players no longer playing, I create a team in "rest of the world", ( Don't bother with kits, logo's etc), to dump these players into.

Failing that, why not just change the names and attributes of the players no longer needed to the players names and attributes of the players that you want.

If I have misunderstood you or you want to explore this further, let me know.