How Do You Protect A Lead?


Reserve Team
I've been wanting to open this thread for months, but now I just have to do it.

I was also planning on writing so many things but I'll narrow it down: How do you protect a lead? How do you do it?
Are there any techniques, do's/don'ts etc? Total defense? Staying neutral? Commit more fouls?

No lead is safe with me. I always take the 1-0 lead, often I lead 2-0. I never win.

This morning I was leading 3-0. I lost 3-5.
Right now I was leading 3-2 after 85'. Then I give up the 3-3. Then at 90' I score the 4-3. I change to 5-3-2 and total defense. The opponents needs one attack to score the 4-4 goal.
And I swear I could list a gazillion of other examples where I fucked up a 2- or 3-goal lead. I'm not exaggerating.

I am aware of the fact that I am the biggest retard that has ever played this game. But I'd still love to hear from you how you protect your leads. I just can't take it anymore, I've never seen anything so ridiculous in my entire life.

Thank you.


Senior Squad
I'm not a hardcore player (not even by a longshot) but What I usually try to do is have the ball as much as possible and try to make the most of the opportunities to increase my lead.
I'm not aware of any formula to get the job done. Also, bear in mind that there's still handicap going on in Fifa I think (out of the blue the computer controlled team gets high on something and do it all just to mess up with the human opponent)

Only thing I'd dare advice is get to know the teams you play as quite well, their strengths and weaknesses to make the most of them


Reserve Team
Sorry, I meant online. Against human opponents.

I know about the CPU cheat you mentioned, but I don't play against CPU anymore. Thanks anyway.


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