how to assign referee kits to specific leagues

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    Hello, I have searched through the forum but couldn't find a solution to my problem. I am modifying latest moddingway patch heavily (already completed new transfers via first 10 pages), but when i play a league match referee has Greek logos and Greek league jersey. How I can i revert it to default?
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    You need to have Revolution Mod 16 V1.3 installled in your fifa 16.

    When adding kits for referees, a set consists of teamid values of 6004, 6005, 6006, 6007, 6008 and 6009. The kittype of referee kits is always 5.
    You can also add referee kits for use in a specific match, for these only teamid 6004 is used. This is the precedence list for referee kits.
    1. specifickit_6004_5_$_hometeamid_awayteamid.rx3
    2. kit_#_5_$.rx3
    3. kit_6004_5_$.rx3
    4. kit_#_5_classickitdecade.rx3
    5. kit_6004_5_classickitdecade.rx3
    6. specifickit_6004_5_%_hometeamid_awayteamid.rx3
    7. kit_#_5_%.rx3
    8. kit_6004_5_%.rx3
    9. kit_#_5_0.rx3

    Ex: to create a referee kit (5) to brazilian league (7), you need to create a rx3 kit named: "kit_6004_5_7.rx3" or "kit_6005_5_7.rx3" or "kit_6006_5_7.rx3", etc (from 6004 to 6009, you can use a diferent referee kit color to each number) and then copy then to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\sceneassets\kit.

    Then regenerate.

    There is a notepad file named "general" located in \Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\fifarna\lua\assignments

    You can chose kit collar adding:


    7=league, 0 = collar type
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