How to get Schwarz


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Hi Team,

I had bought Schwarz on PES 6 for Xbox 360 who was awesome, I changed to PS3 for PES 2008 but cannot find him. My friend who also has PES 2008 on PS3 he got Schwarz straight away.

Is there anything I need to do to get him (apart from part will all my hard earned credits)?


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Schwarz is a Konami made player, like Shaw,Shimizu etc....You should be playing the Master League with the option of Hidden/Classic players turned on when ou first created the Master League file to make him appear randomly....wait for him and play the master league...he will eventually come :)...i havent played PES2008 though, so not sure if he is still there in 2008 !

I had him in PES6 too and he was GOD :rockman:


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Cheers Goal machine. Once you had replied, I played a few games, then he turned up! Bought him for almost nothing - Happy days - 17 years old and scoring like a pro!



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I didn't turn on the Hidden Player option. But I still see Schwarz after a few years in the game. I'm playing with PES 2007 on a PS2.