How to insert faces?


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Hi guys, after a year of activity I went back to playing Fifa and I immediately saw how bad the default faces are this year too. I would like to ask kindly, how to insert new ones. I have already tried to insert some packs but except for a few players (whose ID has remained unchanged) I have not seen the changes, because unlike last year I am noticing that the faces have a particular ID that can be changed. How to solve this problem? How to correctly associate faces with players?
Thank you


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You need to match face ID with player ID in RDBM. Then I suggest also changing original player's headclasscode to other value. It means if for example there is player with ID 123456 and face for random Nelson Semedo has this 123456 ID, then you should look for player ID 123456 in players table and then change in his line headclasscode to the other value as he will have generic face then. Every vanilla player has this generic face made even CR7 or Messi. So if you want to take their real faces off you are able to! Then only load mod file containing face with Frosty Manager and it's done!