How to run Creation Master 09 on 64bit Operating System Tutorial


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thanx for the post, I am having some problems when i run CM09 in virtual OS, it runs and everything and i have Fifa09 installed in guest OS but when i tell it to open the database it complains about an "unhandled exception error"

any ideas?


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i was dying for this solution and failed to fix that... really feeling sad :(
If anyone reading this, then plz make a video if u find anything and post that here or on youtube. u will get good views :D


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MsVia;2607300 said:
How to run Creation Master 09 on 64bit Operating System Tutorial
by Yanush

Host - Operating system that you are using on your PC
Guest - Operating system that will be emulating on our PC, inside your real operating system.
OS - operating system

In my case: Host= Windows Vista Ultimte 64bit, Guest=Windows XP SP2

WARNING! CM09 DOESNT WORK WITH Wndows XP Pro SP3. So DONT use windows with Service Pack 3 ( Service Packs 1 and 2 are ok )

1. Download this FREEWARE software from Microsoft and install it ( i recommend to install it on the biggest hard disk/partition that you have in PC ): BIT/setup.exe
(in case: version for 32bit system: BIT/setup.exe )

2. After instalation, run this program.

3. Now its the time, you must create new virtual machine, so click in File -> New Virtual Machine Wizard.


a) Mark the option "Create a virtual machine" (click Next)

b) Set location and name for virtual machine ( i recommend to locate it on the biggest hard disk/partition that you have in PC ) in my case, i named it "Virtual Windows XP" and locate it in this same place where i install Virtual PC program, on my D:\Programs\Virtual PC\...

c) Choose the operating system (guest) that you want to install in your virtual machine. You should choose Windows XP

d) Alocate the RAM. This guest operating system need RAM ( when you will be running this virtual system, it will be using this ammount of your RAM ), so it depends on you how much RAM you can give. If you have not much RAM in your PC, than just left "Using the recommended RAM" option marked, but if you have more RAM, you can mark "Adjusting the RAM" option, and set mnually how much RAM you want to give to this guest OS ( in my case, i set 512 MB RAM for it, because i will be using it only to run creation mster 09, but i want to have some extra RAM for this guest OS, especially that i have 4 GB RAM in my PC, so its not a big deal )

e) Choose the "A new Virtual Hard Disk Option"

f) In next window, choose name and location for this Virtual Hard Drive ( in my case, i put it in D:\Programs\Virtual PC) It is the best to keep everything together, Virtual PC program, Virtual Machine File, and Virtual Hard Disk File in this same folder, on the biggest hard drive/partition that you have.
Its because creating Virtual Hard Drive will take from you real hard drive the ammount of GB, which you alocate to it.

g) In Virtual Hard Disk Size set the ammount of MB that you want to give to guest OS. Think twice about this. Answer to the questions: How big is my real hard disk and how much MB i can afford to give it to guest OS? How many programs i will be installing on this guest OS?

You can set the number between 13000MB (THIS IS MINIMUM!!) and 20000MB

h) In next window click Finish

5. Now, in Virtual PC console you can see your new guest OS name, select it and then press "Start"

6. In a new window you will see black screen with bios version etc. Its your new virtual PC! :)

7. Put your Windows XP Installation CD in CD/DVD drive

8. In this black DOS style window, click in "Action -> Restart" option.

9. You will see that in this window everything look exacly like when you are installing Windows on normal PC.
From now everything what you must to do is just install Windows XP in this window.
After installation in this window you will see Windows XP desktop. It will be like computer into computer.


a) Click Action -> Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions, install it, and restart VIRTUAL operating system when it ask you to do it.

b) Now you have to install in Virtual OS all software which is needed to run CM 09, so you need to download and install:
- NET Frmework 2.0 ->
- DirectX Software Development Kit ->

b) When you are in Virtual OS, insert DVD with Fifa 09 game into CD\DVD drive and install the game into Virtual OS

c) Download and install Creation Mster 09

11. Become Creation Master ;) All procedure takes ~50 min(including all Windows XP installation process)


1. To transfer files between real os and virtual os, just drag&drop files from window to window.
2. You dont have to use super pc to make virtual machines, if your pc have 512 MB ram, and enaugh space on hard disk, you are good to go :)
(besides, if you play Fifa 09, it means you have more than enaugh resources to run virtual OS)

I know this thread is old, but it's also brilliant and just saved my ass. So if you're still around... A sincere thank you.

Also, some of the old links are dead and it is hard to find some old FIFA master install documents. I'm uploading a few I still have here.

For google to pick up:

Creation Master 09 Download (CM09 Download FIFA)
Internal Master 12 Download (IM12 Download FIFA)
Creation Master 11 Download (CM11 Download FIFA)
Database Master 10 Download (DBM10 Download FIFA - DB Master 10)
File Master 09 Download (FM09 Download FIFA)

One more:

Database Master 08 Download (DBM08 Download FIFA - DB Master 08)