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How to swap National teams

Discussion in 'FIFA 13 PC Editing Forum' started by the Leper King, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. the Leper King

    the Leper King Club Supporter

    Feb 8, 2014
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    I'm trying to add the Saudi Arabia national team and make it playable in career mode. I tried going into DB Master and swapping the Saudi team i.d. (-1) with the Egypt team i.d. (111130) but it didn't seem to work properly. When I started the game and went into the national team selection menu, I saw all the current Egypt players still on the team (as I expected) but when I tried to replace them with another player, I was allowed to pick any player from the Saudi League even if they weren't born in Saudi Arabia.

    Can someone explain how to correctly swap national teams? I searched the forums but I wasn't able to find an existing explanation to this question. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    I'm using the Fifa Mania Super Patch 13, and I know that there are other patches that add lots of national teams but I would prefer to keep this mod.
  2. the Leper King

    the Leper King Club Supporter

    Feb 8, 2014
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  3. the Leper King

    the Leper King Club Supporter

    Feb 8, 2014
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    I added three nations into the game so that I can use as an international manager during my career mode; Morocco, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. All teams I added worked perfectly and I've played several seasons in career mode.

    You will need DB Master (DBM) and Creation Master (CM). Back up your database files and loc folder in case you want your original data.
    1) Open your data base files using DBM. Once all the tables load, find and click on the "nations" table.

    2) In the "nations" table, find the nation you want in and a nation you want out.
    When deciding which nation to take out, choose a nation that already has a
    "teamid" number assigned and preferably one that is in the same confederation
    as the one you DO want.

    3) Once you decide, just copy the "teamid" from the team you DON'T want to the team you DO want.
    The team out should now have "teamid" of "-1". Your team should have something different. Here, "-1"
    means inactive. Save!

    4) Now go to the "teams" table. Find the name of the nation you are replcing and put in the name of
    the nation you want in the game. Don't worry about the other team information for now, you can come
    back to that later. Save!

    5) Now open your database files using CM. Click the "Team" icon. Find your nation and add all the
    information you want to include. There is a section there called "Info", make sure "country" has the
    name of country you want, not the old country you took out. Under "Last Year Performance", select
    "International" as the "League" you are in. This may already be selected but make sure it is. Save!

    6) Now go to the "Roster" tab which should also be in the "Team" section of CM. Here you will need to "Let
    Free" all the players from the old country and "Call" all the players from the new country you added.
    DON'T add players using the "Transfer" button, use "Call"instead. Make sure you have only 29
    players on your team, (2 goalkeepers at least if possible). Any more or less will likely not work.
    Now go to the "Formation" tab, pick your formation, and add your players to the starting 11. Save!

    7) OPTIONAL but recommended.
    Unless you don't mind wearing the old nation's kits, you might want to add in different kits.
    Using CM, go to the "Kits" icon and find your nation. The old kits will still be there but you can delete
    them and use another teams kits already in the game or just upload your own kits into the game.

    a) To use an kit already in the game, first delete the Away, GK, or Home kit you don't want by first
    selecting the kit (i.e. Morocco Away), then click the "Remove" button which looks like a red X near the
    of the page. Once it is deleted, select the kit of another team, click the "Clone" button that is next to
    the "Remove" button, select the team you want and select the "Kit type" (i.e. Home, Away, GK). Click "OK".
    You now have a new kit. Do this for all other kits if you want to change.

    b) To add in a new kit, or to use a kit from another mod like I do, you must import them manually.
    The first addition should be the team badge on the kit ("Image n. 1/5). Next you import two images for shorts
    (2/5 & 3/5) and two for shirt (4/5 & 5/5). Click the eye icon to make sure it looks good and SAVE!

    For kits I just use kits and team badges from other mods. ModdingWay (database 4) has nearly all national
    teams kits already completed so I just use the five Image files from their kits. Saves plenty of time. Just make sure to ask permission if you intend to post your own mod in the FIFA forums. Personal use is okay though.

    Good Luck! :lui:

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