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amazing Real) please make ACMilan next kits


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Americanizta;3713488 said:
some serie A kits coming up guys ;D

next kit coming up... :browsmiley:

i think it needs some improvements though :innocent_smile_1:

Hmmm, I wouldn't say that all. Looks brilliant. Especially the collar and the stitches


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thanks everybody! :jap:

Hmmm, I wouldn't say that all. Looks brilliant. Especially the collar and the stitches
well,sometimes im not satisfied with my work,i guess i should stop aiming for perfection :crazy: ......

all requests will be done after i finish real madrid's kits :)


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These 2048 kits are a quality overdose, master...

By the way, my humble request of navarro montoya's classic kit... I can still have hope, master? Cheers!


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Robinho10;3715239 said:
Those Real Madrid kits are sick! Great work and wonderful detail on 'em.

Wow -_- you must be blind,
There's no puke on it,
And it's just a shirt

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how do you make kits man?

this looks like you download real kits from the internet and then you flatten them out in 2d on photoshop. could you tell me how you do this? i want to make kits. I would really appreciate it.
Americanizta;3706656 said:
might not be the best chelsea kits,but i did my best C:
i will finish the rest this week :browsmiley:
extract the rx3 file from cm14 to your fifa data/sceneassets/kit folder
open the rx3 you extracted with fifa file explorer
resize the images in the rx3 file to 2048x2048,hit apply
its gonna ask you something about resizing,just click no
next youre gonna want to convert the files to bgra8888,hit apply again
then import the kits,hit apply once again,then save,aaaaand youre done!
dont forget to regenerate the files,just in case ;P



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@americanizta: just a little perception my friend:

climacool - adidas technology on replica (supporter) kits
formotion - player's issue.

Otherwise, your kits are better & better in every occasion, TOO SICK, Bro! You are the Leonardo of kitmaking, this is the truth. Keep it up! Hope we see you soon. ;)