Humberto Stadiums Convertion


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USA - Caesars Superdome - New Orleans

So guys, here it goes one more convertion from Football Simulator, this one in a partnership with @dandro. Who did an excelent job, he did only re-maped the textures, he replaced by better ones, so congrats to him!

I hope you guys enjoy.




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This looks amazing!
I'm just a tiny bit concerned about the
USA one nation
USA one nation

Do you think that texture can be made into something not-repeating like:

Just a suggestion for further perfection ;)
Very easy to replace that texture yourself once you download it.


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why is the color of the form dim on the front of your last screen? this happens in most stadiums when the weather is cloudy in the evening...


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Guys can someone share a tutorial that explains how to convert a stadium from FIFA 14 to FIFA 16
Easy, import the stadium using IE for fifa 15 in Blender. Remove the goals posts and corner flags. Put the “stad_” on all Group except PROPS, export into FIFA 15. The stadium is ready. Use FCC (FIFA crowd converter) to convert the crowds. The Lights are a bit more complicated, you have to get lights from an existing F16 stadium, then copy the coordinates from F14 file to the F16.


Hey all,

After long months of work, here is Lucas Oil Stadium. I wanted to do this one because of the unique Architecture.

At end I'm satisfied, there are some bugs on the crowds, seats turning to the sides and etc, but I really gave up on it. Mainly on the top tiers, if someone wants to correct please feel free.

I hope you enjoy!

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Wow how did I just find out about these great USA Stadiums that you are creating!! Simply wonderful!!


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I've also noticed this.

Sometimes the game pace is amazing (not too slow but really nice) and sometimes faster lol. I don't know if it has to do with CM editing. Cause I always do before playing.

Interesting options In match intensity. You can edit that in DB

View attachment 90761

How to disable it? This is current mine

how increase injury time? cause every game, I only get 1-2 minutes of injury time & never more than that.


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I finally achieve a better external view of stadiums in FIFA 16. I was trying to use Allianz Arena Camera, but I couldnt make it work, or the external views did come or the game crashed when I edited the file throw notepad. Anyway, today I made an edition using hexeditor and it works. Now every stadium from Server will have a better view. Mainly the ones of US I did lately that were so huge you could barely see the external.

Now it gives a better perspective of the external part, including EA stadiums (That you have to insert in Server GDB). I hope you guys like it.

Tokyo Olympic Stadium
External Views FIFA 16 ‐ Feito com o Clipchamp_Moment.jpg

Beijing Olympic Stadium
fifa16 2022-09-26 23-00-17.png

My upcoming AT&T Stadium (WIP)
fifa16 2022-09-26 22-58-16.png

EA's Wembley, that can be worked to have an external view

fifa16 2022-09-26 23-21-50.png

Guys , download and use at your own risk, I've tested in all stadiums of the images and videos above.

Remember to paste in your \FIFA 16\data\bcdata\camera folder and then regenerate. To go back, just delete the files and renegerate again.