I Can't Export/import .cff in blender.Where is it?


Youth Team
Since the fifa 12 faces converted have been relased I have tried to install Blender with the .cff plugins but
I dont know what its wrong but i cant import/export .cff files in blender

I install. Blender,phyton, and the scripts for cff



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There's a blender version that comes with its own python, you don't have to install python separately. It's in blender website files, finally good faces for fifa!


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hello i have a big problem!i don't know where i can dowload the scripts for cff...can anyone post me the lik, please??and i use autodesk2012..where i put the scrip in the program files???


Youth Team
ok perfect nw i have the scrips of cff file but how and where i put them on my programme autodesk 2012????i thanks a very polite people verh


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Probably by selecting the right directory for scripts when installing. It'll instal 2 script folder anyway, one in my documents en one in the blender folder. During install it'll ask you where to put (and search for) scripts like the importCFF.py

Even with Pyton installed this problem can ocure