I can't play fifa2002 on winXP, what should i do?


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New discovery

Sorry mate, since upgrading to xp pro I can't play the game, either. I have no proper solutions at hand for that. Maybe you can try running it on xp home, but I can't guarantee that way for 100%.

This afternoon, upon making my patch for FIFA98, suddenly I remembered the issue of FIFA2002 incompatibility with XP. Then I stopped my work to google the issue again. In the next few minutes, I found out one interesting thing that the crash of FIFA2002 is probably related to older version of AppPatch files. Check this page, and this one. Isn't it strange? And also I've checked my AppPatch files, but oddly all the dll files of acgenal, aclayers, acspecfc or acxtrnal have a version number 5.1.2600.2180 instead of 5.1.2600.40. That means, possibly, while upgrading your xp, you may lose some compatibility with specific softwares. Because the 2180 files are shown to be a release from M$ on May 30, 2006!

And I couldn't find out the dlls of version 5.1.2600.40 on the web anyway!:nape:

Knight Marcos

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That's the thing: Click right button on the FIFA 2002 icon and choose PROPERTIES. Then go to COMPATIBILITIE and change it to Windows 2000/ME.

I hope it works (worked for me).



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Knight Marcos;2266850 said:
It doesn't really matter. My processor is 2.5 and works perfectly.

Hmmm...I changed it to Windows ME/2000 and it still didnt work :(, i even tried the other ones none of them work.

Any other solution?


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2 Ways 4 U

Hello friend !
1st thing, you intall the latest directx 9.0. Second if change your video card. 32 mb video card is best for playing fifa 2002 if you have 16 mb then you should grafix detail level change to low.


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It's strange. I can run it on my new centrino 1.7G nb with winxp pro. But my old Celeron 2.6 pc can't run it still. (:/)


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I used to run it on Windows 2000 with my old 1gig P3 Desktop.

In the end my CD was too scratched to work.

Thank God for no-cd patches!