I hate this move ..


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This one is over used like a moter****er .. Don't you just hate this move. Like every time you have a chance to make a quick play or whatever your forwad recive the ball like this. Why? Can't he just run along with the ball so he don't lose the his speed that he'll need to outrun his defender. I mean, this reciving slows down your offensive play like crazy and when you do this move a defender is allways there and just take the ball away from you. If a player recive the ball while he standing still and has a defender right behind him, he need to post up and keep the ball away from the defender, that would mean he stand with his back against the defender so he can't take the ball away from him witout comiting a foul.

I'de like to control this myself. Add a function where you can descide yourself if you wanna run with with the ball to maintaine your speed, or play safe by covering the ball with your body.

This may have been discussed, i don't know, but it's really important ..

Youri Bakker

Senior Squad
It's indeed very annoying. I want to have much more freedom in the game. In Euro 2004 it's bit better, but far from good. When I pass the ball to my striker he runs foreward for example. Than the defender comes to intercept the ball, but I can't let my striker run back to get the ball:kader: .


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Yup, especially when you do a cushioned lay off, the mother****ers just suddenly stops and turn their freakin` body while noone is ****in` in front of `em . . . :f***:



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Well this move IS overused, as no one would ever think of doing this. But there is a way to avoid it, and it's by using through balls. Basically if you want your guy to get the ball without breaking his stride you have to pass it into his path. It's tricky, and I'm not too good at it, but if you just had to hit the pass button and the guy grabs it on the run it would be pretty easy.


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Brøndbyfan .. Yeah, well but the worst thing is that you allways loose the ball while doing this .. Instead, as i was saying, cover the ball with your body and keep it away from your defender, kinda lika this ..


Youri Bakker

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In EURO 2004 I only use the troughpasses. Every pass I make is done with that, it's a bit more difficult, which makes EURO 2004 better to play I think.


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Are you ******* kidding me? I ******* use that move ALL the time!!!! If you get rid of it you're going to loose a lot of fans. I use that move in the game and in real life.

Once I did it and scored a hat trick and each of the goals happened after I used that move, my cock exploded in my pants.


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that animation is so annoying, I agree. I dont understand why the player cant just let the ball go through then get a touch on it (assuming youve made the pass strong enough)....having to touch it once ruins the fast flow of it all


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sometimes i'm not so sure about the first touch system this year though?

what happens if its not responsive?
or if it slows you down too much??

Maybe if you double tap the right stick the ball goes further ahead so you can run into it more?

At any rate its looking great...
This is something that is going to be fixed with the new first-touch option EA is making for FIFA2005. A big part of it is deciding how your going to trap, or use the ball when you first get it.