i know this has been asked many times but...


Senior Squad
i m still not clear whats the diff between WE7i and PES3...

can anyone clearly explain it to me? cuz i am planning to get WE7i..

have been playing PES3 for quite a long time

does WE7i have C.ronaldo...saha... in manutd?

and does it have the frame rate problem and stuff like PES3? or has it been fixed?


Reserve Team
to me pes3 runs fine and we7i has significant problems
the only difference in it is that hand balls are called less frequently
everything else is the same shiat


Starting XI
for me it's the other way round, WE7I is much smoother and plays a little bit harder but if PES3 works fine there's no point in buying WE7 unless you really want to


Senior Squad
I think WE 7 NTSC/J is the only game worth buying rite now coz it's the latest....WE 7 NTSC/UC is almost the same as PES3......