I need a good Gaming PC.


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I have a Lenovo and am extremely happy with it. It's 2 years old now too. Of course it sure as hell didn't cost no $400.


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Sir Didier Drogba;n6454528 said:
Netherlands but I can buy in the UK which is a little cheaper I think?

other than 8 GB what else do you need? Do you need an ultraportable one? Do you need DVD drive? Give me a list of things you need and I can try to find something for you.

Also if there is a website where you plan to but it from, let me know. From here I would suggest newegg, bestbuy, amazon etc

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Fuck, my Hard dicks died.

Last time my Hdd died was back in 1999 which lasted 2 months.

And now this garbage died. I went to my bios and seems like my HDD is not even detected in the sata ports anymore. Great. I just lost some of the mod updates I made for Fifa 10.

So when everyone said Seagate sucks, I guess they were right lol. This garbage lasted lasted 1.2 years only. Maybe I should get Western Digital HDD.

This HDD died peacefully, but bitch snatched all the pèace from me.


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There are some Lenovo Laptops for under 400us with 8 GBs in Amazon. But I'd be better at least 500us for a good laptop.

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ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 is best gaming laptop. It is very affordable laptop around $1000. Intel Core i7 processor 16 GB RAM.
you batter red more review http://toptechreview.tech/best-17-inch-laptop/ to compare with other 17 inch gaming laptop. 17" laptop are good for gaming because of their battery performance.


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I just bought this. Going to build it tomorrow.


It cost significantly less as I did my purchasing on Cyber Monday. The RAM in particular was not even close to that price. I'd say it was more like $850-900. And that's including stuff that I didn't have because I've been running with a laptop, so monitor to continue running dual monitors, keyboard, speakers, etc.

No graphics card, but I can always buy that later. The games I play mostly are FM (which will go on this Samsung SSD, which is reviewed very highly), and Europa Universalis 4, which isn't graphics intensive either. If I was going to buy one, it would be one of these new Radeon RX 570/580s


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Damn, good thinking about Cyber Monday. I'm looking to build a PC soon too, I should have done what you did.


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OMG games are so much faster now. I'm starting to think I might just buy a graphics card. My motherboard only has one HDMI out port, so I'm having one monitor on VGA which is pretty bad.

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HDMI 2.1 will have Variable Refresh Rate. And Maxwell GPUs support HDMI 2.0 and firmware update will allow it to have 2.1 features as long as cable bandwidth isn't an issue. So Adaptive Refresh isn't an problem, it can easily be supported. 4k 60Hz wont be possible though but I wouldn't worry about 4k60Hz with my GPU since I'm better off with 1440p.

Pfft, only if Nvidia stopped being greedy and supported Adaptive Refresh of HDMI 2.1

That way I wouldn't have to buy their stupid G-sync monitors that costs 2.5x more than Free Sync monitors.


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Well, I just had a huge week in my gambling league, so I won $300. Guess I'm buying a graphics card.

Any suggestions? Probably going with a GTX 1060, but could be convinced otherwise.
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