i noticed some sloppy animation when switching player


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i don't know how to explain this but it's not stuttering problem cause i alredy got no dvd replace an original exe.

but as long as i been playing pes6 i noticed that my player and cpu have some sloppy animation ...like... sudden change ( turn back suddenly to recieve the ball) when u press the switch player button ...and with goal keeper most of the time i saw them doing thing like his body shaking ..

i think my PC is compatible with pes6 660 gt 1 G ram

hope u guys understand what i try to say

anybody noticed the same thing as mine ..??

this version kind of let down version ...i personnaly think PES4 is the best then we got pes 5 which is suppose to be just a patch for pes 4.2 ..free to download for 10.00mb ... and this year PES 6 which is a beta version for PES7 .... just my thought anyway enjoy playing it anyway