I Wish There Was A Way To Make Career Mode Similar To FUT

Discussion in 'FIFA 18 Forum' started by LIINdd, Feb 17, 2018.


Would you use this if it was possible?

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  3. Maybe, but only if I could customize a lot of the numbers and features myself.

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  1. LIINdd

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    Feb 17, 2018
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    FUT gameplay is aids, I want no part of that online gameplay. But the way you upgrade your team (coin gains, buying players) etc for PMRTG's or having 1 good player and build yourself up is really interesting and something I wish was possible to achieve easily on the offline career mode through using mods. But I've searched A LOT and there seems to be no possible way to achieve this.


    You gain coins every game, no yearly/monthly budgets. Tournaments you gain bonuses etc and with that you can spend X for a player (price being set to an amount, no weekly pay or deals to have to worry about making, if you have the coins you can buy it.) and boom just like that you've upgraded your team and repeat.

    Obviously this will never be made available to us though, since that's no incentive to spend real money on it.

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