In game vibration feed back


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I have a logitech rumblepad 2 cordless gamepad & logitech rumble pad 2


When playing fifa 11 i do not get a vibration feedback, when i hit the post or

when i am injured. In fifa 10,fifa 09,fifa 08, fifa 07, i would normal get a

vibration. Has EA sports disable this feature this year?

Does anyone else have this proplem.

Can someone give me some info.

My vibration is turned on, with both gamepads.


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freboy;2952855 said:
I am getting and error when extracting the rar file.........

Yeah, the files in that rar are corrupt. If you still haven't fixed this, grab this and put the x360ce.ini & xinput1_3.dll into your fifa 11/game folder vibmod

Edit: Oh I forgot to add that you'll most likely have to set up your controller after this so that it works right in the game. When I put this in, B was working as A and the right thumb stick was working as start. I just decided it was too much hassle to mess with the settings in those files so I removed them all from my game folder ad played without vibration.