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the chilean

Club Supporter
hi, i come from chile, i am making a patch in the fifa 2003 about forty-three teams of south america. I need some kits, i don't care if they are 2gk or 1gk, please help me, this are the kits:

atlante (mexico): gk
atletico nacional (colombia): gk
cerro porteno (paraguay): gk, home and away
cobreloa (chile): gk
corinthians (brasil): away
cruz azul (mexico): gk
cruzeiro (brasil): gk
danubio (uruguay): gk
deportivo cali (colombia): gk
el nacional (ecuador): gk, home and away
fenix (uruguay): gk
guarani (paraguay): gk, home and away
independiente de medellin (colombia): gk and home
independiente (argentina) : gk and home
L.D.U.Q. (ecuador): gk
libertad (paraguay): gk, home and away
morelia (mexico): gk
olimpia (paraguay): gk and away
penarol (uruguay): gk
puebla (mexico): gk
san lorenzo (argentina): gk
the strongest (bolivia): gk, home and away
u. de concepcion (chile): gk, home and away
u. catolica (chile): gk and away
u. de chile (chile): gk

that's all the kits i need for my megapatch, i am not using creation center, i am using ecp dbi 2.0 downloaded in www.fifaecp.com, please, if someone has anyone of this kits link the photo in this post or please contact to me in my msn: [email protected] , or send my a email

ex-marcelo sala

Club Supporter
don't send anything to this man.. he only take de kits an then he says that kits are make by him.....:kader: you do the same in a chilean page...

the chilean

Club Supporter
about what are you talking, are you out of your main? what chilean page are you talking about?. First, i already told you that i was doing a patch. Second, i was in that forum (if you can call it forum to that website), but now i'm not. Third, i am not an asshole that gets kits to show it saying that he did it, because i no care what another people think about me (www.fifachile.net).


Reserve Team
I wonder if anyone will read it...

Can someone please make Atlético Paranaense's 2004/2005 kits?

Home (red/black) and 3rd (black) kit:




Full view of home kit (3rd kit uses same sorts and socks):

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