...::: Indian Football Megapatch 2012 :::...


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I'm back with the Indian Football Megapatch 2012 (IFM 12) for FIFA 12 PC

I will be working on the I-League 2011-12 along with Indian National Team.

First Screen

Find updates below.


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some delay.......but good to see u.....oh...u haave done great job.....though i am a indian(west bengal)....plz make player overall rating realistic this tym...one more question...what rating JEJE will get this yr ????who will be highest rated player from india and outside ?????sorry for so many question.....


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arkapd;3203070 said:
Oh I missed out on this topic, mayur are you working on this now?

i have completed the national team. stuck up with exams.
im planning to start the clubs in april