International career mode


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Play career mode with a country, take part in major competitions, friendlies, qualifiers, the works basically. And of course every single counrty, even unliscended ones, should be in the game (just like in fifa 2002 only with the features I mentioned above).


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Sorry but Fifa will NEVER do this.......

Even in their "world cup games" they only put the teams who qualified for the last world cup and add like 3 extra teams...

its really sad how they exploit this too...

They dont even give u the option of playing with teams that didnt make it.. thats just pathetic if u ask me....


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Yea that would be awesome... havong international friendlies and matches and tournaments. I hope EA adds this in.. ::crosses fingers::


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they should combine career mode with clubs and countries so you can go from real madrid to italy's national team . and if you are a national coach every week you could get a report telling you who played well


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i like this idea

if fifa can just add more international team (like holland, etc) then this could be possible and it sound fun too!


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funny how i have never thought of that but now that u have sed it i think it is sumthing we r gonna be complaining about if they don't have it for a long time