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Discussion in 'FIFA 16 Forum' started by Mr Love Pants, Oct 13, 2017.

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    (Firstly: Me and my friends don't really play anything but Kick Off mode, so while I've been merrily adding stuff to my game, I haven't been unduly concerned about whether it breaks career mode, online etc.)

    So. Having added in every men's international team that exists, I was finding it a bit of a chore to scroll through all 200+ every time I wanted to play a friendly. So, I thought I'd subdivide the international teams into their confederations (UEFA, CONMEBOL etc).

    I added several new leagues with the country set to "International" in CM16, just as I would with club leagues, and matched them up with competitions under Trophies with match type INTERFRIENDLY.

    It sort of works, in that you can play a perfectly fine game of football, but the game won't pick up that these are international games - the usual international fanfare music doesn't play, teams don't line up for anthems beforehand, the commentary team is Martin Tyler/Alan Smith instead of Clive Tyldesley/Andy Townsend (no great loss there, but they pointedly don't talk about it being an international game), and a snippet of the home team's anthem audio plays while the players are shaking hands and the formations are on-screen.

    Also, I edited the original Men's National league in CM16 to cover just the AFC, but that still works as it did before, even overriding the changes I made other than the teams involved.

    I'm guessing I've reached the limit of what I can do in CM16 (I'd also like to get international fans to wave their national flags, for instance, and have CAF crowds made up of black people), but I don't know where to go next. Any help would be very much appreciated.
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    in cm go to the section countries, it´s the first I thinj, then here look for the country you want and look team, then choose the nt you have created. i think tha will give features of national team to your team

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