Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]


The Von Trapps
hell ye man, what goals from Zlatan!

the first goal was superb ... the second was just a 124 km/h bullet that smashed into the net with only pain on offer for anyone who got in the way!

the team performance was not the best, but two moments of magic settled the match ... sometimes, you ride on the individual performance of your best player; this was one of those days ...


Fan Favourite
Weakest goal ever... anyways you guys played us off the park and..... maybe deserved the win ;)


Starting XI
Another great win today :)

It's good we managed to get back on our feet after that blunder on wednesday...that match could've been very damaging to our morale...

Ibra though has to be a bit more imposing in these matches. I feel as though even if he has the potential to accomplish great things (as he's shown already) he needs to develop a consistency. We NEED to have him at his best especially in the CL if we want to actualyl have a shot at winning it

Let me just say it's magnifiscent to finally have Cordoba and Samuel back (Y) Now when Chivu comes back, I see no reason for any blunders from our back four


The Von Trapps
important win against Roma ... was an entertaining match, with chances at both ends ...

Davide Santon was brilliant on debut ...

Zlatan was getting quite a lot rough treatment; hopefully he hasn't sustained any injuries (coz there was a shot of him thumbing his right knee) ...

a bit of the old Adriano came out today, with that one swift move opening space for him to set up Zlatan for an acrobatic effort that was almost one of the goals of the season so far ...

on the transfer front: I hope Spurs get Burdisso and not Matrix -- as much as Matrix is a liability with his clumsiness and lack of temperament, his aerial ability is still an asset (if you need a recent example, re-watch the match against Juve this season) ... Burdisso, on the other hand, needs to go asap ... even if Inter has to pay another club to take him, it would still be a good deal in my eyes ...


Słowiańska Dusza
Zlatan scored special goal yet again. I'm surprised that the Citizens aren't interested in brining him to Manchester.:D


Youth Team
Seems like we're ready to offload a few players now ...

Dacourt - Bologna almost have a deal
Vieira - Portsmouth interested
Materazzi - Spurs and Man City interested
Burdisso - Spurs interested (considering I'm a Spurs fan too, please don't sell him to us ... he's pathetic)
Crespo - Spurs possibly interested, Parma and Bologna close to signing him
Adriano - Once again, Spurs interested
Balotelli - Many clubs ready to pounce

I'd be happy to get rid of all in that list, apart from Matrix, Adri and SuperMario.

Seems like Cruz is staying now too, with his agent trying to negotiate a contract (DAMN ... why do we have to keep such rubbish???).


Team Captain
Good match against Roma altough we were lucky with some ref decisions. Santon played very solid.

Don't diss Cruz, he scored alot of important goals when people were talking sh!t about him.


Youth Team
Honestly, he scores important goals, but he is not a player of high quality.
He doesn't work as hard as he could and doesn't make much of an impact unless he scores.

Anyway, Adri played a brilliant match against Samp but now has to face a 3 match ban for a lovetap of one of Samp's players.
Santon was good once again, Stankovic was better than usual and Muntari played a good game as well.