Is it possible to spruce up Career Mode?


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I was wondering if anyone out there with any experience in hacking career mode can help me.:confused:

I am about 5 years into a career with Eintracht Trier now in the Bundesliga 1.
I am getting a bit bored of things and so was wanting to spruce things up a bit.

Did a bit or research, went to Trier etc and have edited a lot of graphics.

Using UniDB, I've changed some entriess in the fifa.db:
Changed Trier's (1827 teamid) generic flag to 0 and used Flag raptor to introduce some flags instead of the generic ones.
Changed Preferred stadium from Div One UK to Div One Euro as it bears an uncanny resemblence to their Moselstadion.
Gave them a new Puma style kit with new local sponsors etc.
Took over the Korean adboards (as I wouldn't play against a Korean team in the Bundesliga or other European competitions adboard=1) using UniDB and assigned to Trier, then used adboard raptor to insert new localised adboards for home games.

The changes take effect and look fantastic in Play Now Mode, but don't register in my already started Career. (I have the old Stadium, generic German adboards and generic flags)
Can anyone help me here, is there a trigger somewhere I need to push or is there a way of actually editing the Career file?

Also, could someone point me in the direction of a RTL TV corner logo and some German Commentary?

Many thanks in anticipation.

BTW, I am still persisiting with Fifa2005 because my bank balance is a bit small and Trier now play in the local Oberliga and so aren't featured in the Fifa 2007 (I assume)