japanese commentary


Starting XI
buy WE8 and put commentary file from it to PES4 and tell us how it works :mrpimp:

(I guess it'll be the same name so for both games so 0_sound.afs)


Youth Team
go to www.pesoccerworld.com, i downloaded it last week (the web is in spanish), works great but with some bugs (some callnames and callteams in english)


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Hi, this is old, but I Want THAT FILE :/ the link is broken an I've searcheeeed all the net without luck, I found some serbian and italian site providing Jon kabira commentary for pes4 and we8, but that was long time ago, and that seems to extinguish on the net, yes EXTInGISH!!!!! if you do have it, please re upload it!! I need it. I've just downloaded full we8 ps2 fresh japan version, will see if I have luck doing some file renames and afs extraction. Bye.


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Damn didn't have luck, tried replacing,renaming, editing and no luck, downloaded full japanese we8 in vain :( started from creating my own afs with all the .adx retrieved from the DATA J.afs, don't try this it won't work. Tried looking for a mapping sound file list that could contain the adx map but no luck. PLEASE If you have the japanese_commentaries.rar upload it again, I PROMISE I WILL IMPROVE THIS FILE because people complained about its mixed with english commentators, I know how to fix that, only thing I need is time, and of course, the file itself. UPLOAD AGAin PLEASE WHOEVER HAVE IT. I WILL KEEP on here, but I must have kabira's comments on WE8PC :'( Thanks :(


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Gentlement, ignore my previous posts, I've found the way to adapt master kabira's commentary to WE8i/PES4 pc, I stopped complaining and told myself, why not just think about it and then use my brain? Well I'm a lucky dude who have avid skills to try to find solution to problems and even more if it's software related. I might release a patch and tutorial on my blogspot or youtube channel, maybe yes, maybe not. There's plenty of .adx files to check thorougly so I could have an in-depth comparison and have 100% correct John Kabira commentary in PC. Wish me luck, I need time and a coffee. See ya.



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lazoli;3627196 said:
Please share your work!

burc ugur;3737825 said:
Weirdo13 please your work share. We wait please. Japanese Commentary upload and share..

We say very thank you!

Guys I've just sent a message for both, please forgive me I didn't log in for long time :blush: I will post my work as soon as the files are uploaded, also I used a modded WE8I as the base and not the original, hence I'm going to upload 0_text, e_text, f_sound (japanese commentary), the option file, and the .afp and .dkz patch with john kabira's compatible adxs to the WE8I for PC. :bob:


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weirdo13;3765702 said:
Guys I've just sent a message for both, please forgive me I didn't log in for long time :blush: I will post my work as soon as the files are uploaded, also I used a modded WE8I as the base and not the original, hence I'm going to upload 0_text, e_text, f_sound (japanese commentary), the option file, and the .afp and .dkz patch with john kabira's compatible adxs to the WE8I for PC. :bob:


I used WE8I AOL 2011 MOD AS MY BASE, which has Argentinian teams created from the owner and some other south america clubs replaced and reordered. I also took THE REEFUR PATCH FOR THE WE8 LE PS2 and inserted some of the files from the AFS to my WE8I AFS, so the game has menu bg images, buttons and all that to make it look similar to the ps2 version of Reefur.

I'm sorry if you won't like it but I did this to my own work and didn't pretend to share it on the internet, but since you are asking for my japanese commentary work, I have to share the whole mod because I started the work according to my option file configs and para_we8.bin, so I inserted the japanese adx's callnames to players and teams of the mod I were using, which took me months. I used french f_sound.afs as base, so there are still some french callnames for players if you play the master league. But as for the team names, all are 100% with japanese, including pitch coverage, goals and match events all is in john kabiras' voice :brow:

There are also some funny commentary adx sounds I inserted as when a penalty kick is given from a foul. You'll eventually hear kabira louder, from some adx player callnames I found there that we don't usually hear on the we8le ps2 version, example from player luis figo there is one, FIIIIGOOOOOOOOOOO! and that..

OK :smilex: here is the links to the files I have uploaded, I use mediafire because it's a site that hosts user files for longer.


the japanese commentary to use IN WE8I/PES4 PC: (f_sound.afs)

the 0_text.afs:

the e_text.afs: (it has some ps2 reefur WE8LE bg images,buttons,etc)


And if you want to extend my work to edit, replace, individual adx files from japanese commentary, here is an .AFP patch you can use with AFS Explorer, and also a .dkz patch to use with DKZ Studio. All the adx inside them, does exist on the f_sound.afs or any other x_sound.afs of the WE8I/PES4 version. Feel free to modify or replace to your liking.