Javier Mascherano


Starting XI
Not good, but Great! Great player, he's regular and consistent, scores a few goals and defend very well, average per/game rating with me was 8!



Everyone's Favourite Diabetic
he is quality as a DMC, can play on the right but is not as effective for me. He's not too bad at right back either, but i even play Cristiano Ronaldo at left back and he plays well :p


Club Supporter
I tried to get him but one of the big Italian clubs snatched him. But I doubt he would agree to go to my team even if I had the money. I got Viafara instead. The guy is just as good and doesnt cost that much.


Senior Squad
I bought Andres Perez (Millonarios, on loan at Quilmes) to play him as a DM C, he is a M RLC, but can perform very well as DM C, even in AM C, and it only cost 460k, because it's listed since the very beggining