Join Me Today, I'm Declaring War On EA's FIFA!


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Many words instead of facts! You need some sponsors, right? Grow up kid, people are harder to fool today, it`s 2015. Go to sleep, or take your pills.
By the way, I would like to go on Moon, has someone a cosmonaut suit, a rocket or money for fuel? Because I do not have any of this.


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bangus;3777659 said:
How about 15 million purchasing and 10 million pirating? Whatever, FIFA sales are in the 10+ millions on all platforms. And growing every year.

Anyway, FIFA is a POS game without mods, yes: always has been, always will since EA designs all their sports games for the arcade-gaming pre-pubescent/teeny-bopper online crowd. This is why everyone here plays FIFA on the PC. Mods improve the game 500%. Do yourself a favor and save yourself some work: ditch your console, buy a half-decent PC, install the GP mods from this site and presto... all your FIFA headaches solved just like that.


Until one day Fidel,Paul, or any other GP modder decides to stop sharing their work with the community. I know what you gonna say , " Do it yourself then " . Sorry Just :kader: