Jorge78 Balls


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you convert this ball for fifa 13 please????

Please type this.


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Jorge78 could do the following balls:
Adidas EURO Qualifier Powerorange 2016
Adidas Conext15 FIFA Club World Cup 2014
Voit Aspid Neón Liga Bancomer MX 2015
Voit Aspid Red Liga Bancomer MX 2015
Mitre Delta V12S Football League 14-15
Nike Ordem 2 Community Shield 2014
Adidas Conext15 Copa del Rey
Adidas Brazuca Supercopa de España 2014
Adidas Pro Ligue 1 Winterball 14-15
Uhlsport Ligue 2 Winterball 14-15
Derbystar Brillant APS Eredivisie 14-15
Adidas Torfabrik Winterball 14-15


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crosbrilliant;3816530 said:
jorge wake up and answer to the questions!!!!thats enough!!!!!

Dude shut up. People have lives, he has the right to make whatever balls he wants and when he wants...It's not like he is getting paid to do this.


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Jorge, I searched but couldn't find this.

I know you get many requests but would it be possible for you to make this Jako match ball?



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Hey Jorge, can you make the NEW Nike Ordem 3s please? They are the new footballs for the coming EPL, BBVA, Serie A season. Thanks