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Youth Team

I will start to make faces for FIFA 16, but I have not the game :crazyboy:

I just wanna share my works on FIFA 16 thread :redface:

My first work:

Simone Verdi - FINAL (hair by aurion17)

I need someone to test the face ingame


Youth Team
deko23;3916879 said:
Great face for Verdi!!! Finally a face also for Carpi :-) Grande! ;-)

HoppyJoe;3916883 said:
Amazing face

sheva1984;3916884 said:
wow milan fans

Boresma7;3916886 said:
Amazing face!

Lugano5;3916887 said:
great face

krisaju95;3916912 said:
looks really nice in blender

anasie10;3917043 said:
Nice work
Thanks for comments! :D
Adasko;3917048 said:
Welcome SG! :) looks really nice work:D
I've been here over three years hahha :Shifty:

Jeison Murillo - FINAL


Youth Team
anasie10;3917167 said:
Models looks really nice but you have to work more on the textures, too much contrast IMO.

I don't know why but the screenshots on photoshop saturates automatically