Keegan's Next-Gen Boots


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Keegan;2570619 said:
Haha... I wouldn't complain, but I'll just stick to 08 for the time being, I guess...

Did anyone here play Fifa 2004? This is just Boot Revolution... I worked on it with IAMJAMES and Jimbob... minor tweaks... just started on it and it all came back to me! :D

First effort for Fifa 09,
Nike Mercurial Vapor SL FG - Pine Green-Metallic Silver-Red

See screenshots below. O-edit, of course.

i sure do remember those boot revo boots... enjoyed them a lot during those days...
but sadly... i've lost all of them quite sum yrs ago... ;-(
hope u'll continuing making these boots for 09!!!


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amazing work, i'm working on my first myself...looks like you beat me to it...and I agree, that qualifyer wasn't pretty, but that's football.


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Thanks for the kind comments guys, but for the time being I doubt I'll be making many for 09... but they've really made a lot of new boots for the game, so you won't miss me too much... ;)


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Ultra_Blue;2570771 said:
Keeg, your boots, compared to EA's - 10:0 :)

Yeah its true...your boots look much more realistic and colourful.....keep it going mate and never thought of hanging your boots coz you are the best boot maker:33vff3o:


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you know very well what I think of those boots, pal, so, I mean, what can I say, all is said, you're the best, the top of the tops, "la hostia" in spanish, the Empire State, all respect! :D Ah! One last thing, Jamaica is a great place and gave us genius worldwide respected from Bob Marley to Keegan... yeah (H)