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@King AJ bro, do you create minifaces? I wanted one for Tomas Ujfalusi :)
there is one
Tomas Ujfalusi.png


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In this thread I will upload faces from FIFA 16 that I have managed to convert with the support of some members of the forum and also with the support of people who are willing to support the FIFA 16 community. The faces are converted with the Tokke tool and mostly from FIFA 22, so some textures will not be the best, but I hope people who are interested can download them.

Thanks to King Aj that motivated me to upload the faces.

1. Santiago Giménez - Cruz Azul, MX (currently playing for Feyenoord from Netherlands)

Converted from FO4.​

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Santiago Giménez
My left eye is dark, is there a way to make it come out normally?

King AJ

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Shame me if I disturb you King AJ
But do you create the faces? or are they just conversions?
It is just a mere update on EgorP's model..

There are no good versions of Khvicha Kvaratskhelia available in FIFA 22. I saw three versions.. One I already converted, however it is nowhere near good.. Second version is ready for conversion, but it is also not good. And I saw a new one recently which is also not perfect..
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Forgive me I was referring to the faces in general that you post on your forum.
Excuse me but can you create faces from 0?
And can you convert faces from Pes 2022 to Fifa 14?
Last question if I'm not boring but accept requests?
Hello and thank you for taking the time and for your faces

King AJ

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