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almost generic.. :(


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Thanks King AJ so much, you are one of the best. You know that your face mods are far better than the original fifa 22. I really enjoy playing fifa 14 upgrade. It is funny that I have PS4 Fifa 22 but I don't use much because of their face mods are not good enough. Otherwise thanks again.


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You @'ing someone is not the same as ASKING you imbecile. I even did you a favor, and asked Gabriel if you did in fact ask before you jailbreaked all his modfiles and repurposed the content for your own use, you know what he said? No you have not asked permission to use his texture maps for any of this.

You want me to ask MacC too (since i know them aswell) Nor does 'others doing it' make it justified for you to in turn do it. Two wrongs don't make a right, with the shit job your parents did raising you i'm not surprised of any of this.

Giving 'credit' and ASKING directly is not the same thing. One ends up in the 'notifications' the other open a direct dialogue with the person in question. Most people don't even check their notifications (especially if they have alot of followers and get tagged in stuff frequently)

So you still a thief, and you're still a mouthy little child who's been caught with your hand in the proverbial cookie jar and instead of holding your hands up recognizing you f'ed up you decide to mouth off and use every excuse under the sun to instead justify your behavior. that speaks volume about who you are as a person and how you carry yourself. I'm not the one who got caught stealing others stuff YOU are.

I don't know what's going on. But you are way out of line here mate. Attacking someone like this (and other posts I've seen) before even asking politely or privately if he asked for permission or if he's even crediting the original author is not right.

This is proof enough for me that he didn't do anything wrong and acted in good faith:

Go and ask anyone you want.. Still didn't answer any of the question I asked to you...
This guy is still cry being about me and what is my benefits in this??
Dumbass go and get a life... Peaking to others and complaining.. That is the only you can do...

and Gabri has no problems with it ..

And talking about my parents raising me? They taught me to help people and that is what I am doing .. Will you make faces for them.. Would you ??

Yeah I am Freaking Robin hood.. Is that a problem for you? then deal with it..
If I stop someone else will do and Someone might start making money on this.. that is what its end result...
and don't forget to ask every other facemaker too.. :flog: :ewan:
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So please, stop creating unnecessary drama and attacking members.
You could've approached him respectfully and none of this would've happened.


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Please someone has the face of Rade Krunić - AC Milan


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