Kit index idea


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I think that would be a good idea create a post and stick-it with a index of the kits order by country and league, with a link to the post that contain it. Would be possible?

PD: Sorry for my bad English :blush:


this option has been talked about already.

you MUST use the search function, i have already decided that im not gonna keep repeating myself on this matter.

use the search, if you create another thread about a topic that already has a thread i will give you a verbal warning.

usually verbal warnings are to be given through pms but i will be handing them out where everyone can see them.

this way everyone can see how frequently they are being given out & will decide to do something correct in order to not receive one.

these forums have a structure & they WILL be followed to the t, even if everyone has to receive an infraction.

consider the forums your home & mommys rules apply to you at home the same way sg rules apply here.

hope you understand, enjoy the new forums & remember to follow the rules.