Kit(s) Request Thread


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Here are 581 jerseys season 2021/2022. all jerseys were made by great jersey masters members of this forum

@riesscar (kits)
@Voleck (kits)
@robmar85 (script for kit conversion)
@hjbs (kits)
@Spidercyb (kits)
@Jay Nightwolf (kits)
@Ajax1995 (kits)
@BR7 FIFA KiTS (kits)
@mh25 (kits)
... @scouser09



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Thank you very much, if possible you would make this Cruzeiro kit here,
(sorry if i'm being boring ok).


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Thank you very much, if possible you would make this Cruzeiro kit here,
(sorry if i'm being boring ok).
It's not worth making jerseys for you. You ask and when the jersey is finished you don't see it at all. I fucking can't believe you're young people ????


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Youth Team
Many new kits are updated with 1.0 DLC for EFootball 2022. Also many of them we don't have for FIFA.

For example Trabzonspor third and many other third kits never made for FIFA, or most important many Turkey Superlig, Portugal Liga, Belgium Jupiler League, Denmark Superliga etc GK kits (we only have generic kits in FIFA).

Here is the whole pack, png files kits.

These two kits are unfortunately beyond my capabilities. Is there anyone who would like to create them?
Hannover 96 3rd:

Karlsruher SC 3rd:
Try this jersey maybe it will be ok Karsluher SC Third Macron ..
I'll try this other jersey too..


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Guys hello to all of you... hoping you are staying safe alongside your loved ones... remember this bloody virus isn´t gone yet and the shanghai news are somewhat troubling.

I wanted to know if there´s someone who keeps kits from recent past seasons (2020 - 2021 in this case), Turkish SuperLig kits, I know someone here in the forums made them but his VK page is blocked so if someone here has them please could post them here.

Thanks in advance lads!


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its possible make a kit of barcellona tshirt and short centenario iam wait for this kit.


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