Kits and Mini-Kits Italian Serie C1, C2 (LEGA PRO) and D


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Hello everyone
I would suggest to those who are good at making kits and mini-kits to all the Italian Serie C1 and C2 (LEGA PRO) and the best of Italian Serie D and then put them in the patch if anything CEP 11 the DARKVAJO
What do you think?
(if I have time I will also help)
if you accept these are the teams to do:

Serie C1 (LEGA PRO 1) group A and B

Serie C2 (LEGA PRO 2) group A,B and C

Italian Serie D

let me know as' soon ok? (Y)


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the database I do not why course is so difficult with the CM 11 and DBM 11
Although it will take a little 'time to do it (about 2 weeks I think)
and then not so 'great as you say
I would just like you did the Kits and Mini-Kits and just then the rest I'll think i ok?


this is a lot more work than you think man.

its kits, minis, db work, logos.

this will take a long time to do bro.


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I sincerely to the database are already 'at 25%
But 'if you do not start making the kits and mini-kits will not ever end or not?
then you give me a hand for KITS and mini-kits?


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we're working on Lega Pro 1a Division and 2a Division.
Some kitmakers has start the job, but we're searching for others (to divide league by league for everyone)
If you have interested, let me know...send a PM, please!!!