Kits by decoruiz


Youth Team
Hi there, here we go again!
I've made the PS Minikit Generator last year and I've been studying EA's kits textures (color, coeff and normal ones) and models in order to make them better. Might have something new on that sometime later.

But for now, just kits. Starting with Flamengo (Libertadores Cup finalist and probable Brazilian Champions of this year):

Download RAR with all textures and FBMod file for FIP 1.1

Google Drive folder with all textures

I have little time to edit and I plan to make River Plate as part of a pack or Libertadores Cup Final, but who knows what's next...


Youth Team
Incoming in the next couple of days the new nike collar model in the already released style

Need some adjustments before release.


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I'm absolutely drooling over the Full Body Preview. Can't wait to be able to show off the whole kit without having to boot up the game and take screenshots.


Youth Team
Had low time to edit in the couple past of weeks/months and had to split it with the WFP20 mod (Women's Football Patch, I'm pretty proud of that project), but progress have been made in these past days. Will rush on FIFA 16 models now. Won't promise a date, but it's coming.