Kits Made By A Noob (PeterPan)


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Joined this community 1 and a half months ago (as of 10th of November 2020). I quickly got into some groups like Manticore, KMUTD and KMT and I also created my own patch together with Arkantos called FRP (FIFA Revival Patch).

All of this have came extremely fast and I owe everything to these people:

Arethiel, Arkantos, Marco, Boltfut (aka LH3Mods, SaucyRibs and Dalve326).

I also got the great opportunity to get a chance together with a great staff team and owner to try to revive FIFA Pc Discord. The largest FIFA modding discord.


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Welcome and can't wait to see your work! I guess I should make a thread and post some stuff myself.