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SinDS : bayern wear same away shirt they use in 10/11 league .

here the shirt they use ..

they use it against wolfsburg


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Help With the Guatemala Kits and a few others

Guate Away 09/11

Guate Home 09/11

Guate Away 12-

Guate Home 12-

I can't find the shorts pics but I'm trying plz help :clapwap: Thank you for your help


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Tha_Trxth;3394142 said:
sorry dood but i do't make kits, i've got those guatemalan ones from fifa13, i'm relly sorry :(

Ooohh do me a favor and can you get me the swansea kits from the game? and the minikits too please :bow:


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There's a tool called FIFA 12 texture editor or something like that. You can use it to open the .rx3 files. Then, you can export (I think), the image and open it in paintshop pro or photoshop. Save as a PNG and done.

You might have to take a screenshot of the image then paste it into paintshop/photoshop. Doing this gives a slightly lower resolution but I've been happy with the in-game results for a temporary fix.

I think I have converted guatemalan kits somewhere. Send a PM if you want. I didn't make them so I cant share them freely.