Kits Nobody Wants by makispla


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Hertha BSC h/aw/gk col.0

Yeah, thanks mate more kits bundesliga :-)


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it is made but it's not going to be published ,due to the lack of respect to the single thing that i have ever asked in these forums..NO REQUESTS
seriously guys you think that i don't know that this team has a new 3rd kit?
I have a question please, how do you use CM16 with FIFA20??


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Yes, I know what he does RPL, I just asked, just in case, and I would like to learn how to do it myself, could you do a tutorial.


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What a beauty AEK!

Every Partizan fan (and any other Serb) have sympathy for AEK. Nobody cant forget what happened that day during year much worse than 2020 for us.
That was a gesture for a whole life. I am really unhappy with the way how relationships ended.
But believe me huge restect still exists.

Not only that game but everything what a beautiful country like Greece did. Who can forget Synthagma square protest and concerts?
Who can forget words of great Mikis Theodorakis?
And then biggest man Marinos Ritsoudis?

Huge huge things.